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Stop pulling your brother's hair! Don’t move! No, I said smile! AAGH!

Sound familiar? Maybe you need to learn these simple techniques to take great pictures of your kids. Many parents spend large amounts of money on professional photos of their children without realizing they could do the job just as good, if not better, without much practice. When photographing children, the most important rule to follow is one of patience. Children tend to be very hyperactive and antsy. The key to taking great pictures is bribery (only joking). Sometimes promising a new toy or candy will give children the incentive to sit still. Although I do not suggest bribery as a serious method it does work. Personally I find making the kids happy makes pictures taking fun for both parents and children. Get the kids involved, if you like give them a choice of wardrobe or hairstyle. Also, maybe they prefer a certain place or position to take the picture. Listen to their ideas and maybe they will actually give you some input. The worst thing a parent can do is force their kids to sit still against their will. You will only succeed in getting pictures of grumpy faces. The goal is to have smiles and for some kids you must go to the extreme to obtain these happy grins. In the end you will find your family album will be much improved. No longer will you have pictures of those half smiles and droopy eyes, just a bunch of pearly whites.

Apart from portraits you may want to consider action shots for your album. These can be easier to take than portraits and a lot more fun. The best way to get your kids used to a camera is by having it around all of the time. At first don’t take pictures, just aim the camera at them and pretend. Eventually when you have been carrying the camera around long enough they will overlook its presence. As soon as your children think nothing of the camera the fun begins. You will get so many silly faces when you look through that viewfinder your album will be full very quickly. For action shots the best thing to do is to travel to a local park or playground. Let your kids run around and have fun as they normally do. All the while you will be snapping memories for your album. I find playground work great because you can get hanging monkey bar pictures, or even slide pictures. These tend to produce great facial expressions that will provide great laughs in the future. The last important thing to remember is that your kids are not getting younger and you must take the opportunity when you have it. Take some time out of your busy day to spend time with them and as they grow up you will have a great album to remind you of when they were young. However, on the bright side with all this new camera experience you will have more than enough skill to start photographing the grandchildren.