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Many of us love to create beautiful works of art, but unfortunately, not all of us know how to draw or paint. The answer for those of us who are not inclined to create paintings or drawings comes from the art of photography. Photography allows us to create beautiful works of art by taking pictures and using those pictures to create our own artistic images.
Photography can be a simple art from taking pictures of the environment around you to using your negatives and pictures to create black and white pictures colored in with to multiple images. Depending on your own preference and your particular style, you can create traditional to abstract images in photography as well. The first key to photography however, is to put aside your automatic cameras and get yourself a SLR camera, a manual focus camera. SLR cameras allow you to manually focus your pictures thus putting the power of the picture in your hands, and not necessarily the brand or model of your camera. Of course, the more expensive and new cameras will allow you to do more with your pictures, but you do not need them to take great pictures.
Taking great pictures requires many outside factors as well including lighting, your choice of art, and the environment surrounding you. Despite all the factors that may be out of your control for when you take your picture, the beauty of the photo depends on you as the artist. Learn to work with your negatives and your pictures and how you creatively apply yourself. Try sandwiching negatives to create images on top of each other. For instance, using a negative of sand on top of a negative of a rose and creating texture to the rose. You could also try taking pictures of animals or people, and replacing various parts of the picture with other pictures by covering up the image while enlarging, thus creating a multiple image picture. If you've ever seen a picture of a dog with a human head, that's the method to creating the art. Another beautiful creation of photography is to take black and white pictures and color them in with photography coloring kits. Beauty can arise in any form of photography as long as you have the passion. Sometimes, the greatest works of photography arise from experimental pictures or the ones that were "mistakes."
In photography and any art that you create, it's important to remember that there is no such thing as a mistake. Every error you think you've made in your project is simply another step to perfection. And sometimes perfection is not always the key to art, because art is what you determine it to be in your eyes. However, in photography the key to creating beautiful works of art is to keep at it, learn all you can, and stay committed to taking those pictures.