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A television set’s picture quality never seems to be perfect. But there are some ways you can improve the quality of your set’s picture without too much trouble. Sometimes it just takes a few simple steps and the picture quality on your television set is as good as new. Here are some tips on how to improve your picture quality and improve your entertainment value in your living room.

· The picture on your screen is scrolling upward. This is a problem called vertical roll. To fix it, simply adjust the vertical hold on your television (likely a knob, or even a button on your remote).
· The picture on your screen is faint or weak. You may have a loose antenna. Check the antenna connections or your cable connection. If you have sound but no picture, adjust the automatic gain control on your set.
· The picture on your screen is snowy and fuzzy. The problem here is likely a bad signal or bad connection. Check your antenna wires to make sure they’re connected properly. If your television set has what’s called an automatic gain control delay control, turn your set to the weakest channel and adjust the control for the best picture.
· The picture on your screen is out of focus. Turn your television to a channel that has a strong picture, set the controls to bring in the best possible pictures. If the focus is still off, turn up the brightness on your set. Bring the brightness up until the picture begins to shine brightly, then reduce it to normal.
· Horizontal lines running frantically through your picture. Adjust the horizontal hold on your set. It’s possible you have bad horizontal circuits if you can’t get your set to hold the picture horizontally. In this case you may have to have your set serviced.
· The picture on your screen has bad color. Turn the drive controls on your set clockwise all the way. Slowly bring them back counterclockwise until you reach the desired colors. If the color on your set is only poor when you have the automatic color control turned on, adjust those controls. Also check your set for any signs of broken antenna wires or equipment and loose connections.
· The picture on your screen has turned green. This is a sign that your picture tube may be worn out. You need to replace the tube.
· The picture on your screen is black. Make sure your television is plugged in and turned on. Check for any kind of blown fuse or circuit problems on the inside of your television set.
· The picture on your set is black and white. Turn off your automatic color control. Adjust the fine tuning until the picture turns wavy, then reverse the controls to get a clear picture.