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When you are looking for an exciting yet simple card game to take up time on a rainy day, why not try gin rummy? Gin rummy can be played with two or four people and is simple enough that even children can join in the fun. To begin shuffle the deck of cards thoroughly and deal your opponent or opponents and yourself ten cards alternately. The remaining cards should be placed face down with the top card turned face up to start a discard pile. Someone other than the dealer should always start the play by seeing if he can use the card in the discard pile. The object is to make matching sets of cards from the discarded card and what he has in his hand. If he cannot use the card the next person to play can take it if they need it to make a matched set. If the next person cannot use the card the first person to play will need to draw one card from the stock pile and discard a card from his hand that he has discerned he cannot use. The game continues in this manner to the end with each player holding only 10 cards at a time. Before you start to play, each player should arrange the sets in their hand with three or more card of the same rank or in sequence in a suit.

Face cards count as 10 points, aces count as 1 and all other cards are their given value. When your unmatched cards or deadwood is down to 10 points or less you can knock by rapping on the table and discarding a card. Afterwards you and all your opponents should spread out your hand and, if possible, lay matching cards on your sets from your hand. If you do not reach a point where you have no matching cards you do not go gin. Anyone who does go gin can add their opponent’s deadwood or unmatched cards and 25 points to their score for each hand that is won. When your or one of your opponents fail to score a hand during the entire game this is called a shut out. When this happens, the person who has scored during the game gets an extra 100 points added to their score.