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Below are the mistakes you should avoid in the casino game.

Making "flat bets"-wagering the same amount each time. Since the odds are against you, your progress will soon resemble a sales chart in a recession. Peaks and valleys, but down in the long run.

Trying to get even by chasing losses with meal money or the next month's rent. It's a big mistake to dig into your pocket after your stake is gone. You can't outspend the casinos.

Flitting from craps to baccarat to the slots. It's better to stick with one game until you're comfortable.

Taking too many long-shots bets (such as "proposition" bets in craps). They generally offer the worst odds.

Staying at "cold" tables too long. If a new dealer is giving you terible cards, or there's a loudmouth across the table, move on. The problem may be purely psychological, but it can trow off your game nontheless.

Accepting complimentary alcohol. When you drink too much you start making irrational "hunch" bets, and you get frivolous with your money.

Be happy when you win, but don't brag about it. You don't want to advertise that you're carrying a lot of money. Don't play with a huge pile of chips in front of you. If you hit it big, convert to larger denominations, and put them in your pocket.

Playing when tired. The casino may stay open till 4 AM, but you don't have to close the casino. Stick to your normal weekends hours.

Getting caught up in casino mentality. When everyone refers to $5 as nickel and $25 as a quarter, it's easy to treat money like plastic. Never forget that it's real money. Stick to your basic units and progressions.

Forgetting what you came for. Take in a floor show and enjoy a good meal. If you lose at the table, write it off as entertaiment. If you're not a professional, that's the whole point of visiting a casino, to have a good time.