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If you want to get involved with collecting valuable products, jewelry, and antiques, but don't have a lot of money, you're likely often discouraged that you can't get started. But don't fret: there are plenty of collectibles even you can afford. Here's a list of some ways you can get started collecting without breaking your bank.

• Political memorabilia. These are always popular. In an election year, collect any buttons, flags, and bumper stickers. Ten years from now these will be worth some money.
• Toys. If you have toys from early in the century, chances are they're worth some money. You want to clean them up and make sure they're in a good condition, and you can proudly display them on your shelves.
• Antique dolls. These often cost less than $500, and they traditionally have appreciated in value as the years go by. Dolls from the 30s, 40s, and 50s are quite valuable right now on the American market.
• Older furniture. If you have inherited pieces from your parents and grandparents, and they're in good condition, they're likely worth some money. Furniture made during the middle part of the 20th century is particularly in demand right now.
• Victorian jewelry. These are jewelry pieces that have been popular for a long time, as well as later Art Deco pieces. They are affordable and yet are consistently appreciating in value.
• Pottery and crafts from the early 20th Century. Check your closets on these. These are items you may not traditionally consider as good collectibles. But some pottery and arts-and-crafts are now worth hundreds–and perhaps thousands–of dollars.
• Radio station collectibles. Prizes that were given away by companies, particularly radio stations, are valuable. If you have radio products advertising Orphan Annie and Dick Tracy like secret decoders or belt buckles, you can make some money by selling them.
• Antique marbles. Yes, the toys you played with in the 1930s and 1940s are now viewed as quality, valuable glass products. These were made of a high quality glass, and are difficult to find, but it's worth it if you can. Some of these marbles that make the best collectibles right now came with figurines inside.