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When you are considering what type of camera to buy, you should consider price, quality and of course what you want your camera to do. Point-and-shoot cameras are for those who donÆt want to have to learn about camera technology and want the camera to do all the work necessary to take the picture. SLR cameras are cameras that can be automatic or require you to manually focus, adjust light and consider focal length with minimal technological help. Instant cameras allow you to have a photo in an instant. Here are the differences on how they work.

+ Point-and-shoot cameras. These cameras work automatically. They focus, adjust the film speed, adjust the exposure levels, and load and rewind the film without you doing a thing. They are programmed electronically to do each of these things, so you donÆt have to. There are many different models of point-and-shoot cameras that do many different things. When you monitor the viewfinder of one of these cameras, youÆre not exactly seeing the photo thatÆs being taken. The photo is taken through what is seen through the lens a couple inches below the viewfinder. This typically is not a problem, however, because these cameras often make up for that by adjusting the viewfinder so that it appears pretty close to the real thing.
+ SLR cameras. Through these cameras you view exactly the photo that you're taking. Angled mirrors inside the lens allow you to see the precise picture, as it will be developed. These cameras typically come with a variety of lenses to use and change for different situations. With SLR cameras you typically have to take care of the flash lighting yourself, by putting the flash manually on top of the camera or at the appropriate place.
+ Instant cameras. You can get instant cameras with direct view lenses like the point-and-shoot cameras or with the SLR lenses. With these cameras, the film is processed and developed right inside the camera on one piece of material. The photo can either be stored inside the camera, or can be ejected from the camera immediately. With an instant camera, you'll be expected to put a film cartridge and batter pack inside the camera. When the picture is taken, the film goes through developer rollers, specially designed to produce the finished photo within seconds.