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Although the sports memorabilia industry has taken a serious hit in popularity in recent years, baseball cards can still be both an enjoyable and profitable hobby. Although a specific baseball card is really only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it, there are several things that can make a card very valuable.

Obviously, the rarest cards will be the most valuable simply because there is a very limited market for them. Usually the older a card is the fewer copies of it are in circulation. So chances are if you find a very old baseball card it will be worth a significant amount. Of course, perhaps even more important than the age of the card is whose picture is on it. There will be very little demand for a card of a player who only played for a year or two and had no impact on the game. But a Hall of Famer's card will be worth a significant amount.

Cards that were put out in a player's first year in the league, known as rookie cards, will also be worth more than cards put out in a later year. The one thing that can increase the value of a good card more than almost anything else is an autograph. For whatever the reason, people are willing to pay much more for a card that has been signed by the player than one that is unsigned.