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Baseball cards rip people off. Baseball card stores overcharge their customers on every investment. It’s a rip-off and needs to be exposed.
A stock is an investment. A stock can be bought and sold and usually within minutes the price will not change too much. Baseball cards do not have this basic concept. Once the “investor” has paid ten dollars for the card, the storeowner will not offer him ten dollars for the card or even 7 dollars for the card. He probably will not offer anything for the card. How is that fair?
Another problem is that these pieces of paper have been produced millions of times. How can there be a market for cards when the supply is greater than the demand? It’s a silly proposition and shows that prices are arbitrary. Older cards have less supply, but their value is questionable because younger card collectors have only limited interest in older players.
When people want the prices of stocks they look in the newspaper or go on-line. Baseball cards have several price guide magazines making a card worth 20 dollars in one magazine and 100 dollars in another. The dealer can fix his selling price on the higher number and his buying price on the lower number.
Children get convinced into thinking that their precious little cards have some value. However, in all actuality baseball cards are not even worth the paper they are printed on.