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Damage to audio speakers is generally caused by improper usage. If you play your stereo system louder than the speakers can handle, or if you improperly handle them, they can easily become damaged. Here are some ways you can fix your stereo speaker problems.

· Sound from speakers is nonexistent. The first thing you should do is check to make sure your speakers are properly connected to the audio source. Make sure your wires are properly connected and adjusted, as well. To check out the wiring, use a VO meter’s RX1 scale. You should see a zero reading throughout the wire. If there’s a problem, you may need to rewire the speaker. The other possible problem is that you may have blown a speaker fuse. In this case, you should replace the fuse.
· Sound is not coming from one speaker. You may have blown a speaker fuse. If that’s the case, you need to replace your speaker fuse. You also may have a wiring problem to that particular speaker. Test the speaker’s wires with a VO meter. If neither of these things solves the problem, the problem likely lies with your audio source.
· If one driver in one speaker is not working, you should take apart the speaker and test the driver with a VO meter. If the coil is bad, you may need to replace the driver. Also, check to see if the speaker is blown by pressing in on the speaker cone lightly. If the coil doesn’t move gently, you may have used to much power from the circuits and need to replace the driver.
· Sound from speakers is distorted. Check the connection between the receiver and speakers. You may need to clean the connections. If you’ve dropped the driver cone to your speaker, there may be permanent damage, and you’ll need to replace the driver.
· Sound from speakers is noisy. If there’s extra sound coming through your speakers, check the driver cone. Likely you’ve damaged the driver and should have it replaced, or have the driver reconed professionally. The other option is that the speaker driver is loose or dirty. Check to make sure the driver is sealed tightly. You may also have to clean the volume control with electronic contact cleaner.