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This flea market has gained a lot of popularity through the years because it is the largest of its kind. Since it is an outdoors market it opens rain or shine on weekends and on Tuesdays, from 10:00a.m. - 5:00p.m, from May through the beginning of December. It is closed during the winter months. It is held in the Aqueduct Horse Track, in Ozone Park, New York. There is an admission fee of $1.00 per person if you walk in or $2.00 per car if you drive in regardless of the amount of passengers. Many bus tours are held every day. People come from many states in these buses to spend the day at the flea market.

There is so much variety at this flea market you won’t believe your eyes. You can find everything from clothing and shoes, to house wares, linen, curtains, toys, luggage, small electronics, silk flowers, ceramics, rugs, paintings, and perfumes. I believe the only thing you won’t find here is furniture, and who knows, you just might find it soon. There is so much to see and the prices are so good. This market is really a shopper’s paradise. The only draw back is that there are no fitting rooms. You must know your size, if you live nearby you can purchase an item and if it doesn’t fit you can come back and exchange it. As a last resort there are some people who will make a purchase and go to the bathroom to try the item on so that they can make the exchange right away. Unfortunately, you can’t get any refunds.

When you start to get hungry, and you will, the walking alone will make you pretty hungry, you’ll be able to choose from a tremendous variety of foods. Just as each stand is arranged for your shopping needs, you will find plenty of food stands. You can get anything from Italian sausages, fried chicken, corn on the cob, hamburgers, patties, frankfurters, cheese steaks, and much more. At some stands you may find a few chairs and tables arranged for you to sit and eat but not all stands have these available. They also have a very large public bathroom with an attendant who keeps it very clean and well stocked.

If you come by car make sure that you take notice of where you park. This is a very large market with huge parking areas. With the amount of visitors that come in daily it can be very easy not to find your car if you didn’t take the time to see where you parked. They have traffic controllers who direct you to where the vacant spots are and who keep the traffic moving smoothly.

If you like shopping, low prices, variety, the open air, and would like to incorporate this into a fun day, you can’t beat the Aqueduct Flea Market. All you need is to wear comfortable shoes, apply some sunscreen and you are ready for a shopping experience that you’ll never forget.