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The following is a list of the 50 United States and their state mottos and nicknames. In most states, the mottos and nicknames have been officially designated by a government body. In others, they have become accepted after long-term use.

1. Alabama
Motto: “We dare defend our rights.”
Nickname: Heart of Dixie.

2. Alaska
Motto: “North to the Future.”
Nickname: The Last Frontier.

3. Arizona
Motto: “God Enriches.”
Nickname: The Grand Canyon State.

4. Arkansas
Motto: “The People Rule.”
Nickname: The Land of Opportunity.

5. California
Motto: “Eureka!” Translation is “I have found it!”
Nickname: The Golden State.

6. Colorado
Motto: “Nothing without Providence.”
Nickname: The Centennial State.

7. Connecticut
Motto: “He Who Transplanted Still Sustains.”
Nickname: The Constitution State.

8. Delaware
Motto: “Liberty and Independence.”
Nickname: The First State.

9. Florida
Motto: “In God we trust.”
Nickname: The Sunshine State.

10. Georgia
Motto: “Wisdom, Justice and Moderation.”
Nickname: The Empire State of the South.

11. Hawaii
Motto: “The Life of the Land Is Perpetuated in Righteousness.”
Nickname: The Aloha State.

12. Idaho
Motto: “It Is Forever.”
Nickname: The Gem State.

13. Illinois
Motto: “State sovereignty, national union.”
Nickname: The Land of Lincoln.

14. Indiana
Motto: “The crossroads of America.”
Nickname: The Hoosier State.

15. Iowa
Motto, New in 1999: “Fields of Opportunities.”
Motto, Original: “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.”
Nickname: The Hawkeye State.

16. Kansas
Motto: “To the stars through difficulties.”
Nickname: The Sunflower State.

17. Kentucky
Motto: “United we stand, divided we fall.”
Nickname: The Bluegrass State.

18. Louisiana
Motto: “Union, Justice, and Confidence.”
Nickname: The Pelican State.

19. Maine
Motto: “Dirigo.” Translation is “I lead.”
Nickname: The Pine Tree State.

20. Maryland
Motto: “Manly deeds, womanly words.”
Nickname: The Old Line State.

21. Massachusetts
Motto: “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.”
Nickname: The Bay State.

22. Michigan
Motto: “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.”
Nickname: The Wolverine State.

23. Minnesota
Motto: “The star of the north.”
Nickname: The Gopher State.

24. Mississippi
Motto: “By Valor and Arms.”
Nickname: The Magnolia State.

25. Missouri
Motto: “The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law.”
Nickname: The Show Me State.

26. Montana
Motto: “Gold and Silver.”
Nickname: The Treasure State.

27. Nebraska
Motto: “Equality before the law.”
Nickname: The Cornhusker State.

28. Nevada
Motto: “All for Our Country.”
Nickname: The Silver State.

29. New Hampshire
Motto: “Live Free or Die.”
Nickname: The Granite State.

30. New Jersey
Motto: “Liberty and Prosperity.”
Nickname: The Garden State.

31. New Mexico
Motto: “It Grows As It Goes.”
Nickname: The Land of Enchantment.

32. New York
Motto: “Excelsior . . . (Ever Upward).”
Nickname: The Empire State.

33. North Carolina
Motto: “To be, rather than to seem.”
Nickname: The Old North State or The Tar Heel State.

34. North Dakota
Motto: “Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable.”
Nickname: The Flickertail State, Sioux State, or The Peace Garden State.

35. Ohio
Motto: “With God, All Things Are Possible.”
Nickname: The Buckeye State.

36. Oklahoma
Motto: “Labor Conquers All Things.”
Nickname: The Sooner State.

37. Oregon
Motto: “She Flies with Her Own Wings.”
Nickname: The Beaver State.

38. Pennsylvania
Motto: “Virtue, Liberty and Independence.”
Nickname: The Keystone State.

39. Rhode Island
Motto: “Hope.”
Nickname: The Ocean State or Little Rhody.

40. South Carolina
Motto: “While I Breathe, I Hope,” and “Prepared in Mind and Resources.”
Nickname: The Palmetto State.

41. South Dakota
Motto: “Under God, the People Rule,” or “Great Faces. Great Places.”
Nickname: The Mount Rushmore State or The Coyote State.

42. Tennessee
Motto: “Agriculture and Commerce.”
Nickname: The Volunteer State.

43. Texas
Motto: “Friendship.”
Nickname: The Lone Star State.

44. Utah
Motto: “Industry.”
Nickname: The Beehive State

45. Vermont
Motto: “Freedom and Unity.”
Nickname: The Green Mountain State.

46. Virginia
Motto: “Thus always to tyrants.”
Nickname: The Old Dominion or Mother of Presidents.

47. Washington
Motto: “Alki,” an Indian word for “by and by.”
Nickname: The Evergreen State or The Chinook State.

48. West Virginia
Motto: “Mountaineers are always free.”
Nickname: The Mountain State.

49. Wisconsin
Motto: “Forward.”
Nickname: The Badger State.

50. Wyoming
Motto: “Equal Rights.”
Nickname: The Equality State.