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The Mississippi River begins in the United States in Itasca State Park Minnesota, to be exact. It’s the Mississippi River and it runs the length of the United States at it’s midpoint. The Ojibwa Indians named it; it means “Father of Waters”. The Mississippi runs for more than 2300 miles and is the world's third longest river. It covers approximately 1,240,000 square miles of land before it drains into the Gulf of Mexico below New Orleans.

The Mississippi Headwaters at Itasca is a place of incredible beauty, made up of dense forests and hundreds of lakes. It is 1,475 feet above sea level! The significance and beauty of the headwaters area was recognized back in 1891 when it was preserved as parkland making it Minnesota's oldest state park. This historic park draws visitors from around the world.

There is a lot to see and do around Itasca park, too. Everyone enjoys the fishing lakes in the area and the family resorts and campgrounds. Two other rivers originate here, also. They are the Red River of the North and the St. Lawrence. But the highpoint of every traveler’s visit here is the chance to walk in your bare feet across the Mississippi where it begins.