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Paving the way for new styles of writing, and inventing a method of entertainment all his own, T.S. Eliot steps out as one of the world's most influential and creative authors. Born in the United States and raised in England, Eliot was given all the best educational opportunities as a young man. He could have chosen to pursue a career in anything, having been accepted into Harvard, Oxford, and the University of Paris, but he decided to become one of the world’s most memorable writers. T.S. Eliot, a modern marvel of poetry, plays, and literary criticism, exhibits his unique talent for using underdeveloped, lifeless characters to entertain and amuse audiences in his currently unmatched accomplishment, Sweeny Agnostics.

Over two decades after his birth to Henry and Charlotte Ware in September of 1888, Eliot displayed his exceptional talent for writing while still a student at the University of Paris. He went on to write over one hundred articles and literary critiques to a number of newspapers and magazines, while completing an additional year at Oxford studying philosophy. A year out of college, Eliot became literary editor of a “feminist little magazine” called The Egoist, which provided a chance for young, previously unpublished authors to display their work. With the help of his wife, Ezra Pound, he also found time to send in anonymous essays and reviews to the London Times.

“If you write a play in verse, then the verse ought to be a medium to look through and not a pretty decoration to look at.” Eliot writes in a letter to his wife entitled “5 Points on Dramatic Writing”. Eliot strongly believed in creating low profile characters whom the audience could develop their own opinions about, rather than giving that characters defined, structured personalities right from the start. The majority of his characters, such as the ones in his play, Sweeny Agnostics, were “basically flat and stylized, not fully developed but with enough individuality to be living and believable”. While most authors chose to have their characters be the life of their work, Eliot prefers to keep the living members of his work “subordinate to idea and poetry”. Often criticized for his cold, uncaring creations, T.S. Eliot actually keeps his characters somewhat empty to show what they truly represent.

Acclaimed multiple times for his marvelous poetry, plays, and literary criticism, T.S. Eliot will always be remembered for his exceptional talent, lifeless, underdeveloped characters, and his amazing ability to entertain audiences worldwide. Eliot’s blood and passion for living springs from generations of upstanding, respected gentlemen. His family tree traces back to show that he is related to prominent clergymen and educators, a past President of Harvard University, and three past Presidents of the United States of America. Continuing the timeless tradition of holding a high place in society just like his ancestors, Eliot’s works of literary art will be enjoyed by generations of readers to come.