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Domingo Samudio is Sam the Sham. What has Sam been doing since the Pharaohs went their separate ways? Sam has been writing a variety of songs at his studio but declines to put anything into print. He says that his songs are very personal to him and that his wife can have them published after he is gone.

Sam is a down to earth family man who goes to church every Sunday. Up until recently he has only made personal appearances at a few events throughout the year. He travels with his guitarist on tour instead of a band. He was in seclusion for many years and now is back on the road because he is tired of his name getting a bad rap.

You may not know who Sam the Sham is but you may have heard his biggest selling hits "Wooly Bully" and "Little Red Riding Hood." Both songs have sold over one million copies with "Wooly Bully" still going strong as a great party song.

He was born in Dallas, Texas in 1937 and moved to Memphis, Tennessee in the 1950’s. He currently resides in Tennessee with his wife and children. Sam is a very private person and those who are close to him know that he values his privacy and that he is a real man and not a sham.