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In Roman mythology, Mercury was the Roman god of mischief. He was also the god of eloquence and wit. He was a messenger of other gods. He liked to play mischief on others .

Mercury was very clever. He could work wonders because he had a magic wand and a bag full of tricks. He wore wings on his golden hat. He had winged sandals on his feet .So, he could move from one place to another in a splash.

Because of his quick wit and eloquence, he always knew what to say and when. He wrote speeches for other gods and worked as a messenger, conveying messages to other gods at various places.

He was also the god of thieves. But he did not steal anything for himself. If at all he did steal, it was only for fun and he would usually return it to the owner.

Mercury was a funny god . Even when he was a tiny baby, he played tricks on other gods. Though he was mischievous, he was liked by all gods and men alike.