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Robert Charles Redford, Junior was born on August 18, 1937 in Santa Monica, California. He was raised to have strong family values.

In 1955, the year he graduated from college, Robert Redford’s mother passed away. He attended the University of Colorado on a baseball scholarship but ended up dropping out to studying acting and art. He spent one year traveling around Europe after which he moved to New York where he studied theater design.

On September 12, 1958, Robert Redford married his wife Lola, who gave him four children. They remained married until 1985 when they were divorced.

He has starred in over 30 films and directed over five movies for television and movie theatres. Although he had six films under his belt, Mr. Redford’s first notable role was in the film "Barefoot in the Park" in which he starred opposite Jane Fonda. From there his acting career took off with "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" which was his next biggest film where he starred opposite actor Paul Newman in 1969. This was also his most memorable roll despite other film roles. From 1961 to present day, Mr. Redford has won over ten awards.

In 1981, he established the Sundance Institute (which was named after the town of Sundance, Utah) a non-profit organization that was founded to encourage new acting talent along with the creation of independent feature films. In addition to acting and directing, he is noted as a writer and producer.

In 1988, Robert Redford decided to share his life with Kathy O’Rear a costume designer. They reside in Utah. He has fought for years to keep his life off of the screen private. When he has granted interviews (which have been very few), Mr. Redford has talked about his political causes instead of talking about his personal life. His clean-cut boy next door looks have won the hearts of many women.