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Robert Goulet was born on October 6, 1933, in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Robert was raised in the Roman Catholic Church where he sang in the choir. Robert always had a beautiful voice but was very shy. He would sing when the nuns would say that he had to. Although he was shy, he did show signs of a temper. He was not close to his father because his dad was sick for a long time before he was diagnosed with cancer.

Two years after his father’s death, Robert’s mother moved them to Alberta, Canada where her family lived.

Robert dropped out of high school and got a job as a disc jockey. He also sang to earn money and through this he overcame his shyness and became more outgoing.

In 1952 when Robert was nineteen years old, he got a scholarship to go to the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada after his friend received one. His deep baritone made him a candidate in music at the conservatory, but his heart was in drama. He received offers to perform on the local radio. He only had several voice lessons and once he learned how to sing properly, he quit his lessons.
He was cast in Little Women in the CBC. He was called to do a lot of acting, as he was a favorite of the Canadian audience.

After he dated Louise for three years, he married her because he wanted his daughter Nicolette to have a name. Robert’s career was moving rapidly ahead and within one year after his marriage, he was the host of Show Time. The audience loved him – they loved the tenderness he showed when he sang. He was given the title of Canada’s first matinee idol. While he was big in Canada, he was unknown in the United States and starring in the play Camelot changed that in 1959. He was perfect for the part. Although he was rejected five years previously on Broadway, he still tried for the part. Richard Burton took Robert Goulet under his wing to show him what he needed to do on stage. He thought that Goulet had a voice of an angel. When the cast of Camelot appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, it was then that the American audience fell in love with Robert Goulet. He was one of the handsomest men that Broadway had ever seen. He was twenty-seven years old at this time of his career.

After two years of being separated, Robert Goulet and Louise divorced in 1963 because they both wanted different things in life and in a marriage. Robert remained close to his daughter. Later, he started dating Carol Lawrence. He is one of the few performers that mesmerized an audience. Women would throw themselves at him. But he was devoted to Carol Lawrence. They were married on August 12, 1963 – after dating for several years.

While he was a personality flop in movies on the big screen, he did get work in television. His persona that worked for him in nightclubs distanced himself from the audience in movies. Critics turned against him but he remained popular, as the audience loved him as well as his marriage to wife, Carol Lawrence.

While his career was on top in the 1960’s, it wasn’t in the 1970’s. He ended up going to Las Vegas, Nevada to work. He always brought in huge crowds. He was known to have an outrageous ego and started drinking heavily. During this time, Carol Lawrence developed her own career and they both drifted apart. They were divorced in 1975 and reconciled in 1978 but after six weeks they were apart and divorced again one year later. In 1979, he quit drinking although he was arrested for drunk driving in 1983. He went to work to get his career back on track and went to work in the movie Atlantic City and has worked in several films. In 1980, while he was living on his yacht his friend Vera Novak called when she was in town. They saw each other and several days later she moved in. They have been together ever since and they are currently married.

His voice today is just as strong and beautiful as it was when he was young.