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The Army National Guard predates the founding of the nation and a standing military by almost
a century and a half-and is therefore the oldest component of the United States armed forces. The Army National Guard dates back to 1636 at which time it was organized by the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Since 1636 the Army National Guard has participated in every US conflict from the Pequot Indian War of 1637 to our current deployments in support of Operation Joint Forge.

There have been many wars since then and now the Army National Guard takes on half, along with the Army Reserves, of all Army conflicts that must be dealt with.

I am in Charlie Company 230th Support Battalion stationed in Goldsboro, NC. When I joined the Army National Guard, back in September of 1995, I joined Alpha Company 230th SPT BN and stayed with them until September 1999. When I worked for A. Co. I was a 92 Yankee which is a Supply Specialist. My primary MOS, which is an abbreviation for Military Operations Skill, or to be more precise my Job, was 91 Bravo which is a Medical Specialist. I am now working in my primary MOS in C.Co in Goldsboro, NC but I live in Durham, NC.

I get to work on HUMMVVVs and drive them. We have 6 M996s and 6 Tracks. M996s are HUMMVVV Four Litter Ambulances, and Tracks are mini-tanks that we use as Ambulances also. Each one can carry up to 5 litter patients or 8 ambulatory patients. Litters are canvas made type beds we use to carry patients , too injured to walk on their own, from point A to point B. Ambulatory patients are patients that can walk on their own and do not need to be carried on a litter. The HUMMVVV can carry all that and even take a medic in the back to monitor the patients to make sure they do not grow worse until we can get them to the hospital. The HUMMVVVs and Tracks can even take all of our medical equipment.

National Guardsmen go to, what we call, Weekend Drills. Weekend Drills are only once a month. We also have a two week excursion called AT which stands for Annual Training. ATs are only two weeks long and only happen in the Summer Time. I highly recommend the Army National Guard for any one who just wants to taste what the military is all about but not commit them selves to being a soldier for a long 24 hours 7 days a week two years or four years like you have to do in the Army, Air force, Navy or Marines. You can do a 6 year commitment in the Army National Guard but only do one Weekend a month and Two weeks during the Summer.

Depending on your rank you can get up to $200.00 per month for only two days. Some times you may have to come in on a Friday night if your unit is going to spend the weekend out in the field, which is camping military style. You only spend that Friday night and Saturday night out in the field and then come back in on Sunday. It is a good time to get away from every thing at home or school and just have a good time doing your job for your Company and Unit. You can also say to your self that you are serving your Country and State.

The best thing about the Army National Guard is that no Employer can fire you for having to go on your Weekend Drills or your two Weeks during the Summer time. You can have a full-time job and not worry about being fired.