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When Marilyn Monroe was found dead in 1962 in her home the world mourned. From starting out as a lesser-known model to ending as a globally infamous film and sex symbol, she was loved and admired by many.

Although the cause of death was soon released as an overdose of barbiturates, suspicion and confusion has ever since surrounded her death. Speculation of foul play and relationships with US presidents continue to haunt her and her memory.

It is true that many facts do not add up on the days before and after her death:
- It is alleged that Marilyn Monroe was having an affair with President John F Kennedy and after repeated attempts to call him and him ignoring her, she threatened to set up a press conference and tell the world of their relationship.
- Marilyn’s housekeeper was said to have called an ambulance for Marilyn earlier that morning. It is alleged that the ambulance was not in fact real and that they returned Marilyn later the same day. This is when the real ambulance arrived and took Marilyn to the hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.
- It is also alleged that there was evidence of an injection given to her in her left breast soon before she died.
- The bottle of drugs found next to her would have been a new bottle. Only a few of the pills were missing, this wouldn’t have been enough for her to take an overdose.
- Marilyn apparently made a phone call to a friend just half an hour before she died. If she had taken an overdose there is no way she would have been able to do this.

Many of Marilyn’s fans believe that there was foul play involved, and yet nothing can ever be proved or discredited. But murder or suicide, nothing will change the ease the pain of losing someone so close to the nation’s heart.