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Tutankhamun was born in 1361. His original name was Tutankhaten. He was married as a young boy to Akhenaten’s third daughter, Ankhesenpaaten. When he was ten years old he was made pharaoh in succession to Smenkhkare, his wife’s brother in law.

Two years later he abandoned the Akhenaton’s worship of the sun god Aton and reinstates that of Amon and transferred the capital once more to Thebes, proclaiming that all Gods must be worshipped again. He then changed his name to incorporate the god Amun-Rê.

Tutankhamun’s tomb found by the British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922. It is the only Egyptian Royal tomb that had escaped being robbed in ancient times. The king’s body still lies in the tomb, but most of the treasures are in the Cairo museum. The beauty and craftsmanship of the contents have continued to fascinate the world.

The boy-king was only 18 years old when he died of unknown causes in 1351 BC.