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Judy Garland was born Frances Ethel Gumm on June 10, 1922 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota and was the youngest child of three girls.

She started working at two years of age in Vaudeville as Baby Gumm with her two older sisters. Miss Gumm continued working in this medium until thirteen years of age when she signed a contract with MGM. Almost a year after she changed her name to Judy Garland. Her first paycheck was for $100 a week, which increased to $1,000 a week during her seven year contract with MGM. After her contract with MGM was over she also made movies with Warner Brothers and United Artists.

Growing up, Judy tended to be overweight and was pressured by MGM to lose weight. Diet pills were introduced and because of the heavy demand on her work schedule, Judy began abusing the pills to cope. In 1950, because Judy could no longer handle the demanding work schedule that MGM expected of her and with being under constant medical care, Judy and MGM terminated their working relationship. At that time, Judy wrote a letter to her fans, which was published in the magazine "Modern Screen."

Judy was married three times and had two daughters, Liza Minelli and Lorna Luft, both of whom are in show business. During this time her drug addiction and life whirled out of control.

In the span of her career, Judy Garland made thirty-eight movies, five short subject films, sixty television shows, and performed in eleven hundred theatre, nightclub, and concert acts with her most memorable roll being the Wizard of Oz. Her album "Judy at Carnegie Hall" has never been out of print.

Judy Garland passed from this life on June 22, 1969 and is buried at Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York.