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President and CEO of Cisco Systems, the fastest growing and most highly valued company ever, John Chambers, began working for the networking company in 1991.

As one would expect from a man who has grown the company revenues from $1,2-billion a year to over $17-billion, he has impressive educational qualifications. Graduating from Indiana University with an MBA degree in finance and management, Chambers then opted for the computing world by joining brand-leader IBM with whom he spent six years. During this time, Chambers also managed to squeeze in a B.S./B.A. and J.D. degree from West Virginia University.

After leaving IBM, he was recruited for an eight-year tenure at Wang Laboratories, before he was snapped up by Cisco in 1991. Chambers was offered the position of Senior Vice-President:Worldwide Sales and Operations and was elevated to the CEO position that he currently holds in 1995.

Chambers has received a number of high profile accolades. In 1999 BusinessWeek named Chambers "Mr Internet" and Time Digital recently called him "one of the top ten most influential leaders" driving technology in the current market. Worth magazine named Chambers the 'Number Two' CEO in the USA, a view reinforced by ABC's 20/20 that featured Chambers in it's "Best Boss in America" spotlight.

In the year 2000, Chambers has received further recognition for his achievements. The United States Internet Council awarded him the Internet Industry Leader Award for 2000 and Networking magazine called Chambers the 'most powerful man in the industry'.

The scope of his business profile has also attracted government interest. Chambers has been personally honoured by US President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore, who refered to him as a true leader in the global economy at a White House event last year. He has been solicited by government to serve on President Clinton's Committee for Trade Policy.

Personally, Chambers' character has been praised as much for his obvious entrepreneurial spirit as for his willingness to embrace ideas from even the lowliest of company employees.
Under his leadership, Cisco has blossomed. The company has been rated as the most highly valued and fastest growing computer enterprise ever, reaching a market capitalisation of $500-billion faster than any other in US. In 1998, no less an authority than Forbes ASAP rated Cisco as the most dynamic company in the US.