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Janet Reno, U.S. Attorney General, was born in Miami, Florida, the oldest of four children of Henry and Jane Reno. Her father was an immigrant from Denmark who worked as a police reporter for the Miami Herald. Her mother later became an investigative reporter for the Miami News. When she was eight years old her family moved to a house in the Everglades. She spent her early years horse back riding, sailing and scuba diving and attended the Dade County public schools. After graduating from Coral Gables High School, she earned her B.A. in chemistry at Cornell University. She earned her L.L.B. From Harvard Law School, one of only sixteen women in her class.

After serving as Miami's state attorney for five terms, Janet Reno became the first woman to ever by the United States Attorney General. She was appointed the 78th Attorney General in 1993 when Bill Clinton became president, and she was appointed to a second term in 1997. She was in the spotlight early in this office during the standoff between FBI agents and members of the Branch Davidian religious cult. Several of the cult members were killed, and Reno has gained the respect of many Americans by claiming responsibility and expressing regret of the incident. She has also been a strong advocate of greater protection for women seeking abortions, regulation of the violence on network television, and broadening the existing child pornography laws.


1938 She was born in Miami, Florida. (July 21)

1946 She moved with her family to a 21 acre property in the Everglades.

1956 She enrolled at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

1960 She received her B.A. in chemistry from Cornell University.

1963 She received a degree in law from Harvard Law School.

1967 Her father, Henry Reno, died.

1971 She became the staff director of the Florida House Judiciary Committee.

1972 She ran for a seat in the Florida legislature.

1973 She became the assistant to the state's attorney in Miami.

1976 She returned to private practice.

1978 She was appointed Miami's state attorney.

1992 Her mother, Jane Wood Reno, died.

1993 She became the Attorney General of the United States.

1997 She was appointed to a second term as Attorney General of the United States.