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Humphrey DeForest Bogart made his first appearance on January 23, 1899 in New York City, New York. He had a normal childhood and was headed for medical school but because his grades were not what they should have been to get him into college along with having disciplinary problems which got him expelled from school, Humphrey Bogart went into the United States Navy instead.

Upon his discharge from the service, Mr. Bogart called upon a family friend, theatrical producer William A. Brady for a job. He was hired to work in the office. He worked his way to stage manager in addition to working at Brady's New York film studio. Bogart made his first acting debut in 1922 starring in a small role given to him by William Brady’s daughter who was actress Alice Brady. That same year, Bogart went on to star in his first movie "Swifty." Although he was a great actor, he had difficulty launching his career and was typecast in seedy gangster roles. It wasn’t until the film "The Maltese Falcon" did Bogart play a romantic lead. From there, his career took off and in 1945, shortly after he married actress Lauren Bacall (who was his third wife and whom he remained wed to until his demise in 1957) did Bogart receive a contract from Warner Brothers. From there, the Bogart mystique dominated the screen for the next ten years.

Throughout his twenty-six year acting career Humphrey Bogart made over 75 films with "Casablanca" being the most prominent in people’s mind with his famous line "Play it again Sam." Although "Casablanca" has become the representative classic for the 1940’s, it was the movie "The Maltese Falcon" that was Bogart’s favorite and the one that gave him the most pride. Because of the indelible mark, Bogart left in American movies, he become known as one of Hollywood’s most famous actors. In 1947, Humphrey Bogart started his own production company – Santana Pictures.

Humphrey Bogart died from esophageal cancer on January 14, 1957 in the bedroom of his home in Hollywood, California.