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L. Ron Hubbard was born March 13, 1911 in Tilden, Nebraska and spent some of his early childhood in Seattle, Washington. One of his earliest cultural influences were provided by the Blackfoot Indian tribe.
In his early teens his family traveled extensively so he was exposed to many cultures and was intrigued by their views of life and humanity.
By the age of sixteen, Ron traveled to Asia and it is there that he studied ancient Chinese wisdom including meditation. By age nineteen he had not only been to China, but had traveled through Japan, Guam and the Phillipines. His early education took place around the world.
Returning to the US in 1929, Ron went back to finish his education and studied psychology, in addition to other academic pursuits.
During the Great Depression, Ron left formal school and directed expeditions, financed by his writing, which included the Hollywood screenplay "Secret of Treasure Island".
His first writing on the subject of psychology was "Excalibur", which won critical acclaim.
World War II interrupted his writing career and he was severly wounded by serving as a lieutenant and by 1945 he was laid up in a naval hospital in Oakland, California. During this life and death struggle, Ron learned much about the relationship of mind, body and spirit and tested his hypothesis as evidenced by his amazing recovery which confounded his doctors.
Upon his recovery, Ron left for Washington and furthered his research. The first published article concerning Dianetics was "Terra Incognita, The Mind" and soon after Dianetics was published and took the world of mental health by storm, rocketing to the top of the best seller list for a long run.
L. Ron Hubbard expanded Dianetics to a religion called Scientology, whose members include many celebrities and professionals who attest to leading a happier, more prosperous life as a result of the application of Dianetic principles.
Although L. Ron Hubbard has left his body, his brain lives on in his work which includes many works of science fiction and most notably the long running best seller Dianetics.