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A prophecy was fulfilled in December 1945. General George S. Patton, Jr., given the distinctive nickname; Old Blood and Guts, died on foreign soil, as he had previously predicted. It was the end of an unusual and often times controversial life.

George S. Patton, Jr. was born in California in 1885. From his earliest years, he believed himself destined to be a soldier. Much of his life was spent in the limelight. As a young cavalry officer and well-rounded athlete, he competed in five events during the 1912 Olympic games held in Stockholm, Sweden. He placed fifth in the pentathlon. Patton saw action in the pursuit of Pancho Villa in Mexico in 1916, as an aide to General John J. Pershing. He continued as an aide to Pershing until he transferred to the new Armored branch as the first U.S. Commander of
Armor. He again saw action in World War I, and was hit by machine gun fire, suffering serious wounds. Patton received the most notoriety during World War II. Old Blood and Guts was labeled one of the "most colorful"
American generals of the war for his dramatic manner, willful behavior and outspoken comments. Though his actions brought both applause and criticism, Patton was unquestionably a man to stand tall for his beliefs.

As a testament to his world-wide impact during his 35 years of military service, Patton received numerous decorations and medals from Luxembourg, Belgium, Great Britain and the Soviet Union.

In December of 1945, Patton died of injuries from a car accident and was buried at the Third Army Cemetery in Luxembourg. Patton once wrote in his diary, "Duty is but discipline carried to its highest degree." Whatever you believe about Patton, there is no doubt he was a dedicated soldier. One captured German officer said Patton was the "most feared general on all fronts."
Patton was a life-long believer in reincarnation. He could speak of unique experiences which were, in his mind, clear
evidence. When asked about this by his nephew, Patton replied, "I don't know about other people, but for myself
there has never been any question. I just don't think it, I know there are places I've been before, and not in this life."
From his unwavering belief in reincarnation to his extraordinary ability in military command, George S. Patton Jr., was
a uncommon individual.