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Actress Erin Moran was born on October 18, 1961, in Burbank, California. Her parents are Sharon and Edward Moran. She is the youngest daughter of six children, and did her first television commercial at the age of six for “First Federal Bank.” Her younger brother John also appears in television commercials. Growing up, Erin attended Walter Reed Junior High School, and then North Hollywood High School.

Erin’s first role was in a pilot, “Stanley vs. the System,” which didn’t sell. Erin’s first television series was “Daktari,” in which she played the co-starring role of “Jenny.” She also had guest appearances on several television shows, including “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father,” “Gunsmoke,” and thirteen episodes of “The Don Rickles Show.”

When she was only twelve years old, Erin won the role of “Joanie Cunningham” on “Happy Days.” “Joanie,” who was “Richie Cunningham’s” little sister, started out as a small role, but grew as the years went by. Once Ron Howard left the show in 1980, the part of “Joanie” became the starring role, along with Henry Winkler as “Fonzie”. Erin played “Joanie” for a total of ten years, although part of that time was on her own spin-off series, “Joanie Loves Chachi,” with her co-star, Scott Baio, as “Chachi.” When the spin-off failed, both Erin and Scott returned to “Happy Days” for its tenth and final season.

Since her “Happy Days” years, Erin has appeared in the movies “Galaxy of Terror,” “Twirl,” “Tower of Babel,” and “The Magic Pony.” She made an appearance on “The Dinah Shore Show,” and has also recently appeared in an episode of “Diagnosis Murder.” Erin is very happily married to her second husband, and continues to act in her spare time. She adores her fans, and answers each fan letter personally. Erin continues to be recognized by fans as “Joanie Cunningham,” of which she says, “I am still being recognized as Joanie, and probably will as long as ‘Happy Days’ is playing on TV and remembered by ‘Happy Days’ fans. It has, and will always be, a pleasure and an honor for me to be a part of all of their continual growing lives!”