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Chantal Kreviazuk is a well known Canadian artist. She has one a number of Juno's for her recent album, "Colour Moving and Still". She is a supreme piano player and has a very smooth, haunting voice. Most of this album's words and music are written by Chantal with the exception of two songs, where she had help with the words. She is a very talented woman and hopefully will receive more airplay in the US.

The second track off the album is currently enjoying a run on radio play lists. "Dear Life" is a song about two in a dead-end relationship who just cannot break up and keep clinging to each other with no purpose. It is a little faster than her other songs, but has a catching beat.

"Before You" is another of the play list songs. It features a lot of her piano work. It has a simple melody that catches your attention and keeps you entranced. It is a simple song on how meeting the right person and falling in love can make you feel invincible.

Other tracks off the album include Blue, Souls, M, Soul Searching, Far Away, Eve and Little Things. All feature her magnificent piano playing and stirring vocals and her band members:
Jay Joyce, Baritone Guitar, Bass, Electric Guitar, Keyboard programming; Luke Doucet, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar; Giles Reaves, Keyboard, Organ, Snare, Tambourine; Chris Feinstein, Bass; Matt Chamberlain, Drums.

The bonus CD with the three remakes is the high point of the album, though. The first remake is a slow, haunting cover of "Leaving On A Jet Plane". You may remember The Mamas and the Papas version, or perhaps John Denver's version. Chantal's version is slow and smooth. Slight tremors in her voice make you wonder what she was thinking while she recorded it. It sounds like she had lost a loved one.

The next cover is a remake of Linda Rondstat's Feels Like Home. I, myself, was unaware it was a cover until I heard Linda's version, so there may be older versions, too. Chantal's singing is very smooth and fluid. The song is slow and will have you singing along in no time.

The most popular remake on this Bonus CD has to be "In My Life" the old Beatles song. By now most have heard it at the beginning of the hit NBC show Providence. The whole track is much better. Her vocals are steady and smooth. It sounds like it was written for her. She does an incredible job with it. Most remakes sound like either carbon copies or complete botch jobs. She sings these three with her own style but does not change the tempo or music. All three are credible remakes.

Chantal Kreviazuk has a ton of talent both in her music and words. Her piano playing and vocals lend to her abilities. Crossing the border can be a challenge for a lot of the Canadian musicians, hopefully she will make it.