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Anne Frank and her tragic story are primarily remembered thanks to a diary she kept, while in hiding from the Nazis during World War II.

Annelies Frank (called Anne) was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfort am Main, Germany. Her parents were Otto and Edith. Anne had an older sister named Margot.

In 1933, in response to Hitler's anti-Jewish decrees, Mr. Frank opened a branch of his business in Amsterdam, Holland. Otto, having the foresight to leave Germany, moved his family to Holland in the summer of 1933, where they settled into a newly built apartment building. In their new country, Mr. Frank believed his family to be safe from Nazi aggression. Anne attended a nearby Montessori school, where she was an excellent student. She had many friends and was not unlike other girls her own age.

Seven years later, however, the Nazis invaded the Netherlands and in five days, Holland capitulated to the invading German forces. Again showing foresight, Anne's father had already begun converting the annex of his company into a hiding place. Under Nazi law, Anne was forced to leave her school and attend the Jewish Secondary school.

On her 13th birthday in 1942, Anne received the now famous diary as a gift from her parents. She immediately took to writing her innermost thoughts and musings. But, the lives of the Frank family were about to change again. When her sister Margot received a letter ordering her to report for work detail in a labor camp, Mr. Frank moved his family into the "secret annex" adjacent to his former office.

For two years, Anne and her family, plus several others, stayed in hiding. Anne continued to write in her diary during that time. In August of 1944, their hiding place was betrayed by a Dutch collaborator. Anne, and the seven others who shared the annex, were deported to concentration camps. Anne and her sister were moved several times, finally ending up at Bergen-Belsen Camp in Germany.

In filthy conditions with little clothing, food or shelter, Anne's sister Margot died of typhus and Anne also succumbed to the same illness a few days later, just weeks before the camp was liberated. There are those who say the sisters were somewhat fortunate, since they did not have to face the horrors of the gas chamber.

By the end of the war, only Anne's father, Otto Frank survived. Her mother Edith died in 1945, in Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. Otto lived in 1980, devoting his life to sharing his daughter's diary with the world. The secret annex can still be visited in Amsterdam today.