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Adolf Hitler was the premier killer of the 20th century. He was the worst tyrannical leader the world has witnessed. After World War One, Adolf Hitler had taken a poverty stricken Germany, and molded it into his own personal world power. Now, he was focused on taken his vengence out on those who signed against him in the Treaty of Versaille. He created a "Nazi Germany" or the "Third Reich". Hitler was now ready to create Germany's second world war of the 20th century, World War Two. As he invaded country after country, Hitler was poised to take complete control of Europe. But one gigantic, monstrous obstacle stood before him and his control over Europe, The United States of America. It is my own opinion that, if the United States did not enter the war when they did, Hitler would have taken complete control of Europe, and eventually, the world.
World War Two began on September 1st, 1939, when Adolf Hitler invaded Poland, with the help of an ally at the time, Russia (who eventually joined sides with the United States). After this, Hitler quickly crushed Denmark, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, and France. By June 1940, Great Britain stood alone against Germany. In that same month, Italy joined the war in Germany's side.
Other countries fell victim to Hilter's rein of terror. By April, 1941, Hilter had forced Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania to join the Axis Powers. Hilter also saw Yugoslavia's government join the war on the Axis' side. He conquered Greece, as well. By April, 1941, Hitler had either conquered or destroyed 12 countries in Europe. He had taken complete complate control of Europe. For the time being he was truly, "The King of Europe". Shortly after Hitler's domination, a grave mistake was made by the Axis Powers.
On December 7, 1941, Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor declaring war on the United States. The next day, the U.S. declared war against Japan, Germany, and Italy, while 1,000,000 American Citizens inlisted into the armed forces. Hitler was now in grave danger. Japan had awakened a sleeping giant, and the Axis Powers were about to be stopped.
If the United States had not gotten into the war when they did, Hitler would have taken complete control of Europe. After Great Britain's long, excruciating stand against Germany, they would have eventually been crushed. They were running low on resources and will power. After this, he could have focused his entire army or "Blitzkreg" on the eastern front, Russia. Without an intervention by the United States, there would have been no army along the western front to force Hitler to fight a two front war. Because of this, he would have easily conquered Russia, even after the mistakes made at Operation Barbarossa. Hitler then would have had all of Europe, completly at his disposal. What would have happend after that? Just think about it for a minute. It's kind of scarey to think about. Hitler, would have slowly taken control of Asia and the pacific, with the help of Japan, and taken control of Africa, with the help of Italy. This comes to equal about two-thirds of the world under one man's control. Slowly but surely, the world would have become Hitler's on personal palace.
50 million people died because of one man, Adolf Hitler. He was the worst leader this world has ever seen, and was a threat to world democracy. But the United States, the leaders of the free world stood almost entirely alone, against the worst alliance the world has ever seen (Germany, japan, Itlay), and beat them. I believe former President Nixon put it best when he stated, "A nation is only has strong as its 'natural resources' plus 'man power' times 'national will'." The United States had all of these, and for these reasons alone, were able to stop the destruction of the free world. I thank these men, these brave men, who gave their lives to let me live in a free country, because without them, we would almost surely be living under the "Third Reich".