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Hydroxycut is supposed to be the very best fat-burner from MuscleTech Research and Development. It contains ingredients that have been documented in scientific study to dramatically increase the metabolic rate and speed-up fat-burning! These herbal ingredients are the equivalent of the famous ephedrine-caffeine-aspirin stack, which has been effectively shown to accelerate fat-burning. With this product, you can successfully lose bodyfat with or without diet or exercise!

The important ingredients in Hydroxycut work together to suppress appetite, increase your metabolism, and increase fat loss. The two main fat-burning ingredients are ma huang and guarana. Ma huang is the herbal equivalent of ephedrine. Guarana is the herbal form of caffeine. Together, you get the most fat-burning possible. Ephedrine also acts as an effective appetite suppressant to help you stick with your diet. Working with these two ingredients is willow bark extract. Willow bark is the herbal equivalent of aspirin, which helps to keep your metabolism from slowing down.

Besides these ingredients, Hydroxycut also contains the popular chromium picolinate. Chromium picolinate is very important in fat loss. It helps to slow fat storage and encourages lean muscle growth. L-carnitine also helps with the metabolism of fat. L-carnitine helps you use fat molecules as fuel. So there is greater fat-burning. This provides more energy for longer, more intense workouts.

Hydroxycut also contains an ingredient called Hydroxagen. Hydroxagen is made from hydroxycitric acid which helps increase the activity of fat-burning enzymes in the body. It does this by slowing down the process of converting excess carbohydrates into body-fat. This gives you more energy.

So when all of these ingredients are put together, they have been shown to

1) suppress appetite
2) increase metabolism
3) prevent storage of body fat
4) increase fat-burning

Although Hydroxycut helps you lose weight, it works best when in conjunction with a good diet and exercise program. This will increase the amount of fat lost and you will be amazed at how quickly you can achieve the body you always wanted!