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We have all heard the benefits of exercise, and know that we need to do more, but what? The majority of the population does not have the physique or the temperament to become a runner, and we cannot all outfit our homes like a gym, or go to the gym daily. So what to do? Try walking. Walking is the easiest exercise program there is, you do not even need any equipment. Of course, before you start any exercise program you should speak with your family physician. Once you get the go ahead, you are ready to go.
One of the best things about running is that you do not need any special equipment, and that includes shoes. While you will eventually want to purchase a pair of walking shoes or cross trainers, to start with any comfortable shoe will work. Depending on your previous fitness level, you may start out walking ten minutes or a half-hour. Just start by walking at a comfortable speed as far as you can. Each week increase the distance a little. After you have been walking for a few weeks you probably will not be content to just stroll along, then it is time to add speed. By picking up the pace a little, you will be able to walk farther in a shorter amount of time, and increase your aerobic strength at the same time. There is no need to run, or even jog. Just bend your elbows a little, swing your arms gently along your sides, and increase your speed. You should still be able to comfortably maintain conversation. Once you have worked on adding speed, you can begin working on intervals. Warm up with a five-minute stroll. Now walk at a brisk clip for three minutes, slow down to a moderate pace for one minute, and then increase your speed again for another three minutes. Repeat this until your workout is over. Cool down by walking another five minutes. The time will pass before you realize it, and you will be getting a great workout. Once you are comfortable walking for a half hour three or four times a week, you can begin adding even more variety. Find a particularly hilly path to walk, or go on a hike, You are only limited by your imagination and level of fitness.