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We all need the right nutrients in the right amounts to stay healthy and prevent deficiencies, but it seems that most of us are not getting enough. Eating the right foods can help us live longer, feel younger and even look younger.

A varied diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is a must for healthy living. The World Health Organization suggests that we eat five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables everyday. Most people nowadays are too busy to prepare healthy meals and many rely on heavily processed or fast foods whose nutrient content is often depleted. Bad habits such as skipping breakfast and later filling up on biscuits or chocolate account for more problems. In fact, if your diet is really unhealthy it is quite possible to be undernourished and overweight.

If you are not getting enough nutrients from food, you should start taking a good supplement. There are many different types of supplements as manufacturers tailor them to meet the needs of particular groups of people. Vegetarians, athletes, smokers, swimmers and pregnant/lactating women all face different challenges to their system. Individual needs change throughout life. Children need plenty of vitamins A, C and D and mineral calcium, menstruating women need extra iron while the elderly need potassium, calcium and vitamin D.

The 10 most popular supplements nowadays are:
multivitamins and minerals
cod liver oil
evening primrose oil
single vitamins (eg: vitamin C, vitamin E)
fish oils
single minerals (eg: zinc, iron, calcium)
royal jelly

If you suspect that you need more vitamins or minerals in your diet visit your GP or try some over the counter supplements to improve your life.