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Hard to believe, but vinegar was one of the first widely used medicines. Documentation proves it to have been used by Hippocrates in 400 B.C. Throughout biblical history, vinegar was known for its medicinal benefits treating wounds and infections. Civil War literature speaks of the thousands of lives saved using the healing powers of vinegar as a disinfectant. Call it what you will - folk medicine or miracle cure. Apple cider vinegar has been busy proving that old ways can really be the best ways.

Common to our 21st century society are the ailments of arthritis and obesity. It seems like we all know someone that has one or both of these problems. But folk medicines are making a fast comeback in our modern world -- so get in line and get ready to be well.

Just a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar stirred into a glass of tap water acts as a natural appetite suppressant. It will regulate the sluggish thyroid and dissolve stubborn pounds. For an extra kick as a fat flusher, combine one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with two tablespoons of honey in a glass of grapefruit juice. The results will astound you.

Arthritis, the great crippler, has found a dedicated foe in apple cider vinegar. A three times daily dose of two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of honey in a tall glass of water dissolves calcium crystal deposits plaguing the joints and helps improve the overall quality of the arthritic's life. Imagine reaching, bending, stretching -- without pain!

Many have reported that apple cider vinegar is causing a 'youthing' rather than an aging of their body composition. Scientists say this is a result of the abundance of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes found in apple cider vinegar that are essential to body functions, a sense of well-being and great mental outlook.

Memory loss can be a thing of the past. Scientific findings agree that memory loss may be a result of a lack of potassium, which apple cider vinegar has plentifully. Just a tablespoon of the vinegar mixed into a glass of water will sharpen mental capacity and memory skills, if taken daily.

Acting as a blood thinner is another benefit of apple cider vinegar. It enables blood to flow faster and easier through the cardio-vascular system. This can lower blood pressure as much as twenty to forty points in a single hour!

Of course, a well-balanced diet which is low in fat combined with high fiber and low sodium is essential. But when you're feeling this great, why would you eat badly and sabotage your good efforts?

Miracle cure? Maybe. Folk medicine, of course! What ever you decide to do -- just do it. You body will love you for it.