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How To Sole Your Feet

What's the yardstick for judging fitting shoes? Keep some shoe pointers in mind when you do your shoe shopping.

Shop for sensible heels which are broad-based to provide stability. You never know when you have to run to catch that bus or appointment. have your heels if you must; but no higher than 4 cm.

The overall shoe must fit your feet comfortably. Your feet mustn't be lost in the shoes. Neither should they be in a tight squeeze.

Leather soles are best for feet-breathers. Hard soles may give bunions, calluses, corns or carbuncles.

Shop for shoes with natural uppers like leather. Your feet need to breathe and air dry. Poor feet ventilation gives athlete's feet.

Check for comfy linings. Give your skin a break.

Fastenings are both helpful and ornamental. They keep shoes fitted and pretty.

Whew! After making through this check list, your next step is to buy the right size for your feet.

Buy shoes at the end of the day. Return again if its not the right time. Feet expand and are at their maximum size at day's end. Get the correct fit then. Fitting shoes are worth waiting for.

Ask to have your feet measured. Never assume that one size fits all styles and brands of shoes.

If your weight fluctuates, then your shoe size also fluctuates either one size up or down.

Walk a couple of steps in the new shoes. Can you wriggle your toes in them? If the shoes don't feel good, give then the miss. Shoes don't break in with wear. You either get misshapen shoes or misshapen feet.

Don't buy shoes on a shoestring budget. Shoes on sale are not compulsory buys just to save money.

Never buy on impulse, in a hurry or totter after fashion. Let common sense dictate. There's a high price to pay for wearing high heels. Tottering on stilettos are good for training stilt-walkers. Imagine hobbling around with a cane in your older years. Sole your feet now with good shoe-sense.