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There so many things you can do to stop becoming dependent on drugs; this is usually a slow process, but, if you really tried hard enough, you will succeed. Below are ways to change your dependency on drugs.

1// Cut drug dependency gradually, under a doctor's supervision. Stopping the pills immediately can be uncomfortable, since your body is used to the drugs. This may result in insomnia, muscle twitches, a burning sensation of the skin and sometimes it can result in having seizures.

2// Expect withdrawal symptoms to occur days after you stop taking the drug. When they occur, don't fall into the trap of believing you're overstressed and resume taking the drug that caused the problem in the first place.

3// Buy a health natural book and find out what type of vitamins you can take for your illness. You can also visit any food co-op, ask an assistant in the store, is there alternative herbs and vitamins that are good for your condition. Always check with your doctor prior to getting any supplements or herbal preparations.

4// There are many detoxification program throughout the country, sign up for one.

Most offer low-cost therapy through most states. You can also look in your local health departments. To find out about any detox programs, contact center for substance Abuse treatment Hotline, 11428 Rockville Pike, Rockville MD 20852 1-(800) 662-4357

5//At various points in your withdrawal from drugs, you may start feeling it is not worth the effort. Except for those people with chronic, incurable physiological (not psychological) pain. If you have any doubt whether or not is worth, It will be when you start living drugs free.