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Asian mushrooms or Oriental mushrooms like Shiitake, Reishi, Maitake, Zhu Ling and Mu-er are powerful mushrooms that fight disease, cancer, infections and other illnesses. They are able to do so as they contain anti-viral compounds.

Shiitake are Chinese black mushrooms. They contain vitamin B-12, amino acids, minerals and lentinan. They are a natural source of antihistamines, which help to combat allergies. Lentinan can fight cancer and boost the immune system. Shiitakes can also lower blood cholesterol and sugar. Their compounds of saponins and polysaccharides help in recovery of insect bites and stings. Shiitake is indeed a natural food drug.

The Reishi or Ling Zhi mushroom can battle allergies, fatigue, insomnia, liver disease and bronchitis. It's a natural immune system booster and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used to soothe headaches and arthritis.

Maitake is also dubbed as the Dancing Mushroom or "Hen of the Woods". It is specially eaten to boost the immune system and control diabetes.

Mu-er or "wood ear" combats blood and heart disease. Chinese believe that the "wood ear" jazzles up the sex life of male consumers. It's reputed to delay aging and is eaten as a beauty tonic by women.

Zhu Ling is also called the Polyporus. It enhances the immune system, helps build up muscle and even fights osteoporosis.

All Oriental/Asian mushrooms contain an anti-aging compound called DHEA. This is incentive enough for anyone to start eating mushrooms.

Mushrooms are easy to cook. They can be savored alone or together in any recipe. A rough guide would be a generous handful of cut up mushrooms for any dish daily. Shiitake is the most potent of all mushrooms. Include this King Healer in your diet to maintain good health.