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Malva tea is made from the Malva herb. The herb Malva has light pink and purple flowers. It grows all over the world. The leaves of the Malva are harvested in the spring, and its blossoms are harvested in summer and early fall.

Malva tea have many healing attributes. This tea can be uses for stomachaches, gargle to reduce throat inflammations and compresses for skin inflammations. The active components for Malva are mucilage, tannins and malvin.

To prepare Malva tea:

Pour one cup of boiling water over one to two teaspoons of malva leaves and flowers. Cover the teapot and steep for ten to fifteen minutes. Strain.

This tea is extremely good for a cough, sore throat, bronchitis or other cold symptoms. Drink three cups a day until symptoms are relieved.

To make compresses:

Soak a clean washcloth in Malva tea. Apply the compress to the inflamed skin irritations. Malva draws out toxins and helps reduce swelling.

Malva can also be used for the digestive system to relieve gastrointestinal complaints, take 2 tablespoons of Malva wine per day.

To make Malva wine:

Soak one ounce of Malva flowers in one pint of white wine for ten days, then strain. Keep in well-ventilated area.