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If your main goal in exercising is losing weight, you want to do exercises that will burn the most calories and fat off your body. Some things you should consider when choosing exercises include the following: you want exercises you like doing. If you don't enjoy doing the exercises that you're doing, you won't continue doing them. They have to be activities that are fun. Also, if you can exercise with a friend or two, that helps build a pattern of exercising over time. It's easier to exercise with a friend than it is to exercise alone. Also, it's important you exercise several times a week. And remember, that exercising alone won't cause you to lose weight. Weight loss includes you eating right, as well.
Here are some exercises you can do that maximize the number of calories you burn in the time you spend doing them.

• Cross-country Skiing. If you enjoy skiing, this is good news for you. Skiing burns a high level of calories because of the number of muscles you're working at the same time while making your way across the course.
• Jogging/running. This is possibly the most calorie-burning cardiovascular exercise you can subject yourself to.
• Swimming. If you enjoy spending time in water, take a few extra laps next time you're at the pool.
• Bicycling. Bikers are working their legs at such a high rate of speed that they burn a high level of calories.
• Rowing/canoeing. You're using an incredible amount of upper body strength when you row or canoe. This is an exercise that demands a strong upper body.

Here are some exercises that are also good calorie burners. They don't burn as many calories as the exercises listed above, but they are nonetheless good exercises for those trying to lose weight.

• Dancing. This activity requires a lot of aerobic work. It's demanding for nearly every part of your body and requires incredible body strength.
• Soccer. This sport keeps you running for a long period of time. It's more difficult than other sports in that you find yourself stopping to kick a ball between runs, that helps burn more calories.
• Speed walking. If you can reach a speed of at least three miles per hour when walking, speed walking can be quite effective in burning calories.
• Racquetball. This spots requires an ability to run around in many different directions and use their upper bodies, as well. Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise plan.