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How to lose weight for your wedding

On the biggest day of a girl’s life she wants to look perfect. Her hair must be smooth and glossy, her face fresh and clear her make-up expertly applied and her dress stunning. Plus most of us would like to be a bit lighter weight-wise.

The day will probably be just as much as a success should the bride be size 8 or size 20, but being the lighter of the two would probably make the bride feel so much better about herself, and that is what it is all about.

I’m sure we’ve all heard those crazy fad diets boasting of losing so many pounds in so many hours - some even work. But do you really want to starve yourself a month before the wedding, then lapse back into your original eating habits and put all the weight back on when you come home from your honeymoon? I thought not.

The only real and healthy way to lose weight is to watch what you eat and exercise. It sounds easy, and for some it is, but for others it can be the hardest thing you’ll do in your lifetime.

‘Watch what you eat’ doesn’t mean deprive yourself of your favourite foods – what it means is eat everything you like in moderation. If you adore chocolate fudge cake, have a slice – not the whole thing. By exercising as well as eating healthily, if you eat a bit too much cake one night just do twice as much exercise the next day. There are no guilt-trips, no depression states and no ‘I’ve failed’ thoughts entering your head.

Once you’ve got into the pattern of exercising every day (half an hour is fine) you can calculate your average calorie intake. For women it is usually around 1400-1600 calories (depending upon your height). To lose weight you need to determine the number of calories you intake for one day and ensure that you do enough exercise in one week for one days calories to lose weight.
E.g. if you intake 1400 calories a day you need to make sure you burn this amount of calories in one week to lose weight.

Exercise you will stick to end enjoy
If you don’t exercise very much jumping straight into circuit training every day at the gym will just be too much and probably won’t last very long. Simple and enjoyable exercising is the key:
If you drive to work, try walking, or go cycling when you get in from work, rollerblade to the shops and back or to see friends. Whatever you do, make sure you keep it up and enjoy it. Try an aerobics class or swimming. If you love watching television, buy an exercise cycle, you can exercise while watching your favourite programmes. Grab your bridesmaid and will each other on, give each other support.

Setting yourself a realistic goal
Before you start, make sure you have the motivation. Having the goal of feeling and looking beautiful with all eyes upon you on your big day is enough for even the less motivated of us to will you on. If you now weigh 20 stone set reachable goals for yourself, perhaps 2 pounds in the first couple of weeks and so on. If you set ridiculous goals, you will only set yourself up for disappointment when you don’t reach them.