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It is common knowledge that immune system is the key factor in fighting illness and disease. Various areas in the body such as the tonsils, spleen, lymph nodes, bone marrow and thymus store different types of immune cells which are released into the body as they are needed. Although the body produces several different types of defense cells, the most important protector in the body's immune system are white blood cells or T cells, many of which produce antibodies that destroy or neutralize disease causing invaders. Always check with your doctor prior to taking any supplements.
Armed with this knowledge, the average person can help with the body's defense by aiding in the production of healthy defense cells using these alternative medicine techniques. Vitamins E, B, C and A will aid in boosting the immune system, as will zinc, beta carotene and the trace mineral selenium. With today's average diet loaded with processed and refined foods, it is difficult to maintain the proper balance needed to stay healthy without taking supplements.
Colostrum, which is now being produced in supplement form, is another great way to boost the immune system. Any mother who has nursed her newborn can tell you the healthy effects which are created for the child. It has been discovered that the first secretions of mother's milk, also called colostrum, contain maternal antibodies which gives the newborn passive immunity that protects the child until their immune system is functioning. Do not take any supplements without checking with your doctor.
Echinacea herb, which is also known as Black Samson Root, is a blood purifying herb that fights infections and stimulates the immune system. Buchu leaves act as a mild antiseptic and stimulate circulation to aid the immune system with cleansing the blood. Juniper berries have an antiseptic quality that affords a natural immunity in the body system against contagious diseases. Garlic has been used for centuries to fight infectious disease and build immunity against disease. Pau D'Arco, a tree native to Brazil and other South American countries, is highly valued in building resistance to illness and disease. All of these products should be taken at the first sign of illness, but it is also recommended that you use a daily regimen of one Pau D' Arco, one colostrum and one garlic capsule. This will help bolster the immune system.
It is very important to anyone using alternative medicines that they know not to take herbs with chemical medicines. It is also important to anyone who desires to aid their immune system that they get proper rest, exercise and a diet that includes plenty of organic vegetables and fruit.