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Smoking is addictive. It is very tough to quit. It takes tremendous will-power and strong determination to succeed in kicking the butt. Any attempt at quitting smoking will produce withdrawal symptoms. Smokers become more tense and grouchy. The addiction to nicotine makes them crave it and this affects their moods. Gradually, the cravings for nicotine will taper off as the brain learns that it is not going to get any more of that drug. At this stage, smokers will become ex-smokers. They will be free from mood swings and act normally again.

If you are quitting smoking, enlist the help of your loved ones. They can help you succeed with their invaluable moral support, encouragement, reminders and love. Your family members are the best supporters as they can stand by you and help to monitor your progress towards kicking the butt.

If you have children, think of them and how you'll like to be with them to attend the important days of their lives like graduations, weddings, births of grand-children and other important milestones. Some people succeed in quitting when they think of their long-term goals.

There are medications to help smokers quit the habit. Your doctor is the best person to advise you. He may prescribe a drug to help fight withdrawal symptoms or recommend the nicotine patch or inhaler.

To quit smoking, remove all cigarettes from all your favorite haunts, home and office. As long as there are cigarettes lying around, there will be strong temptation to smoke "just one more last joint." Stock up on mints to freshen up your breath instead. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil in your clean ashtray. This will help to kill the urge to smoke as you'll be dumping ash into the tray and destroy the nice fragrance. The scent may also help you relax and take the strain out of remembering not to smoke.

Remember the mnemonic H.A.L.T. It means don't go Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. Cravings for nicotine occur during these circumstances. If you handle these situations, cravings will lessen and gradually disappear.

Set a realistic goal to look forward to. Set a tentative date to remind yourself that each with each attempt, the trials become easier to conquer.

Join a support group to quit smoking. The group can be your loved ones or fellow smokers facing the same predicament of quitting smoking. Peer pressure may keep you on the right track.

Finally, organize a Kick Butt Party to celebrate your victory. This will be one party you'll remember for the rest of your life. This will discourage you from ever lighting up again.