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Does thinking about all the foods that you have to give up in order to eat healthier make you want to give up? Try these tips and you’ll be amazed at the amount of calories and fat that you will be cutting down on.

When drinking orange juice try watering it down by adding 1/3 part water, it will not change the taste drastically. For soda drinkers there are plenty of naturally flavored sparkling water beverages, which come with a slight fruity taste and just enough fizz to satisfy your soda drinking habit. You will be decreasing your sugar intake while adding more water to your diet. If you can’t get used to the taste of skim milk, switch to a low fat milk, mix 1/3 skim milk to 2/3 whole milk, or you can water it down like the orange juice. You’ll be cutting down a great deal on the fat content.

If you do not enjoy eating cold cereals that taste like saw dust because they’re 100% fiber, you can replace it with half a bowl of 100% fiber cereal and half a bowl of your favorite lightly sweetened cereal. You will still taste the sweetness that your taste buds crave but it will be 50% healthier than your usual morning cereal. Sprinkle some fiber cereal into soups, stews and salads instead of adding croutons, you’ll have the added crunch and increase your fiber intake. You can also add it to your meatloaf, lasagna, and many other recipes without changing the taste or texture of your recipes.

Bagels are not unhealthy but it would be a bonus to your diet if you tried the whole-wheat bagels, you can find them in many supermarkets, delis, and many doughnut shops, and you can barely tell the difference between regular bagels and whole-wheat bagels. Love pasta? Almost all supermarkets carry whole-wheat pasta. If the idea of eating whole-wheat pasta does not appeal to you, try adding just a little to your regular pasta. This will not make a big difference in the taste and you will increase your intake of healthy foods.

When ordering a tuna fish sandwich at a deli, instead of ordering the already prepared tuna fish, which is loaded with mayo, ask for the individual tuna fish with just a little mayo. It costs the same amount and you’ll eliminate at least half of the fat calories. When ordering hero sandwiches ask for the low salt and low fat cold cuts and cheeses, try the turkey hero instead of the usual ham and cheese. Over the long run you will be cutting a lot of the sodium and fat in your diet.

Can’t give up the sweets and pastries? You can find numerous bakeries that carry dietetic cookies and pastries, which are sweetened with fruit juice instead of sugar and taste amazingly good. Instead of eating candies that are very high in calories and dissolve in your mouth so quickly that you eat them by the handfuls try lollipops, they’re much lower in calories and will keep your taste buds satisfied for a long time. If you’d like you can find sugar free lollipops and candies sweetened with fruit juice at most supermarkets.

Instead of munching on salty and greasy high calorie chips while watching television, munch on unsalted mini pretzels. Need to keep you mouth busy for a while? Why not pop a frozen seedless grape in your mouth it’ll do the trick. If you’re a frozen desert and ice cream lover, go for the frozen yogurt, low fat ice cream, fruit sherbets and popsicles made from fruit juice.

You shouldn’t rely too much on the diet section foods in the supermarkets. It’s better for you to go with the oven baked crackers or cookies than the so-called lite-foods, which are loaded with artificial ingredients. Whenever possible choose foods sweetened with fruit juice.

There is no longer any excuse for not eating healthier, it doesn’t take a lot of work or tremendous will power. Small changes like these are not complicated, and do not take away from the taste that you are looking for. But they will save your diet from a lot of sodium, sugar, fat, and calories.