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Almost everyone likes chocolate and indulging in it may not be as bad as you think. The finer varieties provide a range of valuable nutrients and can help lift your mood. It is the overeating of the mass-produced type of chocolate which is high in sugar and fat that is unhealthy.

Ideally chocolate should be made up of 30% cocoa mass. In some finer varieties cocoa represents 50% to 60%. These contain vitamin E, iron and magnesium. Unfortunately, there is no doubt that chocolate is high in fat but good quality dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate which contains lots of fats and substitutes.

However, lots of people are addicted to those sugary milk chocolate bars. In these cases it is actually the hidden substances that are being craved as they are an antidepressant and help create a state of euphoria. This is why some people crave chocolate while they are feeling down. Chocolate also contains substances which act as stimulants thus giving energy.

White chocolate consists of cocoa butter, milk powder, sugar, vanilla and lecithin but does not contain any cocoa mass so it isn't rich in the minerals and nutrients of other varieties. In fact in the US, it cannot even be labelled as chocolate. Good quality white chocolate should contain no other fat apart from cocoa butter and should be ivory colored.

Sometimes chocolate can trigger migraine so people who suffer from severe headaches should limit their intake. Chocolate will only make you fat if you binge on the lower quality varieties. It is a myth that choclate causes acne as studies have found no direct link.