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The study of handwriting analysis is known as graphology. A well-trained graphologist can gain much insight about a person just by looking at their handwriting. A person’s character, personality, traits, and qualities can all be discovered through their handwriting.

The use of graphology is used in many instances. Some are to show intelligence, determine substance abuse, jury screening, compatibility between couples, and for career placement. Many companies are now screening potential employees through handwriting analysis. Do you know what your handwriting says about you?

There are many aspects to handwriting known to graphologist. Becoming a professional can take years of practice and education. However, there are some basics that can help you begin to understand the whole.

The pressure used in an individual’s handwriting shows their energy. Pressure can be noted by either how dark the writing appears or by feeling the back of the paper. Heavy pressure notes one with a lot of energy, while moderate pressure shows average energy. Those with light pressure usually become tired easily. Heavy pressure usually points to a successful person full of energy and life.

The slant of one's handwriting shows their emotional response. Does your handwriting slant left, forward, or not at all?

Right Slant- Those with writing that slants right respond more to emotional situations. They are usually very caring people.
Vertical Slant- Writing with no slant shows one that tries to remain neutral. They can be emotional, but control their emotions more than the right slanted writer.
Left Slant- A left slant indicates one that holds their emotions in. They try to hide their true feelings and can seem harsh.

The baseline is the “imaginary” line that writing rests on. The best sample of handwriting is one on unlined paper. Lined paper forces the writer to have an even baseline, but with unlined paper, the writer’s natural baseline shows through.

A writer’s baseline shows reliability and emotional control.
Slightly Wavy- A slightly wavy baseline is normal and shows a person with average reliability and emotional control. They will react realistically in situations.
Very Even- A very even baseline shows a very tense and disciplined person.
Overly Wavy- Handwriting that exhibits an overly wavy baseline shows one that has out of control emotions.
Ascending- Lines of handwriting that ascend show one who is optimistic.
Descending- Handwriting that descends shows pessimism.

The size of one's handwriting shows their ability to concentrate.
Small- Writing that is small shows one that is very good at focusing and concentrating. They are not distracted easily and can focus for long periods of times.
Average- Normal sized writing shows one with an average ability to concentrate. Focusing a long time requires discipline for average sized writers.
Large- Overly large handwriting shows a lack of concentration. Those who write large can find themselves easily distracted.

Letter Spacing
The amount of space a writer leaves between letters in words shows how the writers feel about themselves.
Average- An average amount of space left between letters show someone with average self-confidence.
Small- Leaving a small amount of space between letters indicates low self-esteem. Those who write compressed do not feel good about themselves.
Mixed up- Leaving irregular spaces between letters shows one who is uncertain. They are not sure how they feel about themselves.

Word Spacing
The amount of space between words implies how the writer feels about others.
Small- Small spacing between words shows one who likes to be around others. They feel comfortable in crowds.
Average- Leaving an average amount of space between words shows one who is comfortable around others.
Large- Large spaces between words indicate a loner. They do not like crowds.

Many graphologists believe that writers can improve themselves by changing unwanted traits in their handwriting. Have some fun studying your own handwriting. You will be surprised at how accurate analysis can be.