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Alcohol is the party fluid. It's a drug acting as a depressant. It retards brain activity. There are short and long term effects in behavior and body mechanisms. Alcohol's short term effects include tunnel vision, inability to coordinate multiple driving tasks, impaired judgement of road distances and temporary amnesia. Don't drink and drive. An alternative solution is to have a designated teetotaler driver.

Drink is taboo to pregnant women. Downing more than 2 drinks a day is batting with fetal alcohol syndrome. This is a mother's nightmare. The newborn has multiple handicaps like lower birth weight, cleft lip, heart defect, abnormal limb and lower IQ. When mums-to-be drink, the baby drinks too. The rewards of abstinence far outweigh the instant gratification of a heady cocktail.

The long term effects of drinking are addiction to alcohol or termed alcohol dependence and alcohol-related illnesses. Alcohol dependence is exactly what it means- living your life around alcohol. It's a life-long fight to avoid drowning inside the bottle. Alcohol is a drug. It takes other drugs.

Heavy drinking or alcohol abuse produces disorders in the brain and nervous system, liver, heart and circulation, digestive system, urinary system and reproductive system. A tell-tale sign of a heavy drinker is the semi-permanent alcohol flush on his face.

Our liver needs time to flush out the toxins in alcohol. Darker drinks like red wine and cognac need longer to be neutralized. Until then, drinkers face the music of toxins in the blood stream. This gives the not-so-merry hangover.

Hangover relieves help to overcome symptoms of puffy red eyes, bad skin complexion and stale breath. If you're plain lazy, gulp down a couple of pain-killers and tons of water.

If you like fresh orange juice, add a teaspoon of lime juice and a pinch of cumin for a natural hangover relief.

If you're into aromatherapy, use fennel essential oil drops in your dilute lemon juice drink.

Top up with fresh juices. They have vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to flush away the toxicity.

Now that you're sober and regretful, make a resolution to drink in moderation in future.