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Ears are sense organs consisting of 3 parts. The external ear, middle ear and inner ear are equally important to us. Only the external ear is visible and its also used to attract attention with its pierced ear-lobe. Its essential to care for all 3 ear parts as they are susceptible to infections. A nasty trait of infections is that they are contagious within the same ear. Its vital to eradicate the problem at its root.

Superficial ear infections occur when some part of the ear-lobe is injured. Ear piercing must be done under hygienic conditions. Apply antiseptic daily until the wound is healed around the hole.

Middle ear infections occur when germs travel up the throat to the middle ear. Contagious germs are from tonsillitis, measles, influenza or colds. Very young children and babies are susceptible due to their un-developed middle ears. Symptoms of middle ear infection are severe earache, fever, deafness or bloody pus discharge. For babies, you have to watch out for fever, fretful crying, screaming or ear scratching. Please visit your doctor for professional treatment as complications lead to permanent deafness or inflammation of the brain and spinal column.

External ear infection is caused by fungus or bacteria when the ear canal's skin is injured. Dampness or digging may cause this skin injury. Symptoms to look for are painful swelling, pus discharge, itchiness and hearing impairment. You can care for external ear infection by keeping your ear dry, cleaning away any discharge and taking off-the-counter painkillers. If pain persists for more than a day, its best to see your doctor.

Preventive medicine is the best medicine. Prevent occurrences of ear infection by some basic ear care. Dry your ears after contact with water. Use ear drops to loosen earwax and let them come off while toweling. Don't use cotton buds to remove earwax. A slight jerk may wreck serious injury.

Hearing deteriorates with age. Environmental noise also damages hearing. Avoid listening to earphones at high volumes. Needless to say, loud places like discos and concerts make you hard of hearing gradually.

The ear is such a complicated organ that hearing aids can only offer limited hearing. Care for your ears. Its now or never.