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Instructions: Have some paper and a pen or pencil handy and get ready for your quiz! First, jot down the numbers 1-10 on your paper. Then write your most HONEST answer next to the question number. No peeking at the point values until you are done with the quiz. Add up your points with the answer key, and see if you are ready to take the diet plunge! (Remember, this quiz is just for fun, entertainment and perhaps some small insight into your life. It is by no means scientific. Good luck!)


(1) How important is weight loss and fitness to you?
a) Extremely important
b) Important, but I wouldn't call it a priority
c) Not very important

(2) How flexible are you in your daily routine?
a) Depends-I am rigid about certain things, but I
am also able to change and adapt my routine as
b) Extremely flexible- I barely even keep a schedule
c) Not flexible- I follow a rigid schedule and I
don't have any space to make changes in it

(3) What do you wish to achieve most as a result of your
weight loss?
a) Longevity and better health
b) An improved overall appearance
c) I want my partner to love/notice me more

(4) How would you describe your diet patterns in the past?
a) Pretty consistent once I start a diet, I know I
need improvements though
b) I yo-yo and change my diet every other week or
c) I have never successfully started a diet, but I
have planned many

(5) How rapidly to you plan to lose weight?
a) It'll fluctuate from week to week, but no more
than 1-2 lbs total per week
b) At least 2 lbs a week until I reach my goal
c) I need to lose 25 lbs in a month, just in time
for a reunion/wedding/vacation

(6) How would you rate your knowledge of nutrition?
a) I am pretty knowledgeable - I can read and
understand the 'nutrition facts' and know what
my RDA's are
b) I am still learning, but I know the basics such
as food groups
c) I know very little about nutrition

(7) How do you view going on a diet?
a) It's a lifelong change towards overall healthier
b) It's a long-term change that will be followed up
with a maintenance plan
c) It's a short-term change so that I can lose this
weight I need to lose

(8) Exercise is...
a) A necessary component to weight loss
b) A helpful addition to any weight loss plan, but
not too important for success
c) Not necessary for weight loss and not something I would pursue

(9) I will measure my success on my diet primarily by... (choose only one)
a) How I feel
b) How I look
c) My % body fat
d) My measurements with a tape measure
e) My weight

(10) When I close my eyes and pretend that I am starting this diet RIGHT NOW...
a) I feel excited!
b) I feel nervous, but willing to try my best
c) I feel doomed to fail at this diet

Score Key:
(1) a=+2; b=0; c=-2

If you scored...

17-23 points: You are ready! Go for it!!! You have realistic expectations, a healthy view of eating and exercising, and the drive to make it happen. Good luck! You are success-bound -- keep it up!

4-16 points: You want to lose weight, but you are still preparing and just starting to assess your weight loss needs. Take your time, be patient with yourself. Don't just jump into any fad diet that comes along! You may benefit by slowing changing different aspects of your life. Change your milk to skim, your mayo to a fat-free spread, your breakfast pancakes to breakfast yogurt! Find motivation anywhere you can, and once are your ready to make the changes necessary YOU WILL!

Below 4 points: Right now you are probably not ready to embark on a successful diet. Your expectations are not realistic, and you are not in a place where you can devise a healthy plan. Educate yourself by reading nutrition books and articles and talking to your doctor! You can be healthy and successful too!