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Whatever type of accident occurs, the first step is to check the surroundings if the scene is safe. The next thing is to ask the victim if he/she is alright. You can then call 911 for professional medical help.Do not move the victim. Taking a CPR class is highly recommended.

In checking the victim's condition,there are three acronyms being used.

A- Airway- Check if it is open and must have no obstructions

B- Breathing- Observe,listen and feel for breathing

C- Circulation- Check for the pulse.

Once air cannot reach the lungs, oxygen supply would be interfered.This could result in asphyxiation.The danger of brain death occurs within 4 to 6 minutes after breathing stops.This is where first aid is administered.

In choking cases,using the Heimlich maneuver can be a big help in clearing foreign objects from the windpipe.The first aid provider stands at the back of the victim and circles both of his arms around the victim's waist.He puts his fist a little bit above the navel but below the rib cage with his thumb against the victim's body.His other hand holds his fist and he applies pressure on it.The victim's abdomen is pressed quickly upward,making the air from the lungs help eject the object inside.

In drowning cases,artificial respiration in the form of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation can help.The provider first tilts the victim's chin.He then checks the victim's mouth for foreign objects and removes them using his hands.He pinches the victim's nose and exhales into his mouth.The provider checks if the victim's chest rises and listens for breathing.He repeats this cycle for 12 times per minute in adults.For children,use 20 times per minute.He keeps doing this till medical help comes.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is useful in restoring a victim's heartbeat.It is usually used during heart attacks.The provider lifts the victim's chin and removes obstructions.He gives 2 breaths into the victim's mouth.He checks for the victim's pulse and if there's none,he places his one hand on top of another over the lower half of the sternum.He puts pressure there in short,rhythmic thrusts about 15 times every ten seconds.He keeps on giving 2 breaths and 15 compressions till professional medical help arrives.